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: incorporate state law provisions governing community college and board of education candidates; change deadlines for withdrawal of candidacy and candidate qualification statements; change the public inspection period for candidate materials; change requirements for petition circulator badges; delete the requirement that a disclaimer appear before board of supervisors' arguments in the voter information pamphlet; incorporate state law provisions governing signatures in lieu of filing fees; reinstate candidate filing fee provisions; and make other technical amendments. >> mr. chair, is this the amended proposed amended resolution that was just handed to us, not the one that we have in our possession, correct? >> that is correct. >> okay. >> and i can explain further, supervisor breed. >> thank you. >> please do. >> thank you. thank you very much, chair yee. andrew shen, deputy city attorney. good afternoon again. at the request of the director of elections, there are a few minor amendments and what i just distributed to the committee, just to highlight them to you, i've actually colored
've actually colored them in yellow. and i can explain this. really basically one set of changes that causes some further amendments to be made. as you recall, at the last rules committee meeting on this legislation, one of the main purpose of these recent changes is to change the nomination period specifically to clarify that it only applies to candidates and the mayor and the board of supervisors. some of the deadlines were changed in the [speaker not understood] of the committee to be considered. upon further consideration in preparation for today's hearing, we noticed one of the relevant nomination periods, the e 171 through e 146 after we consult an election calendar, we found out that e 171 date are the 171st day before election day actually fell on a saturday. obviously we didn't want to create a nomination time period where the first day on the option of the candidate filing on the first day when actually show up to city hall, the department of elections and find out it's closed. we wanted to move it a day friday in which the candidate could actually file the required papers. so, we
that helped gang members change. one of them is tattoo removal. this is the first major force in the denunciation. the second is legal assistance. surprising. you did not see this on the video and i never thought of this. the first thing individuals need, not to feel like gang members -- is to erase their past. they have literally talked with me about feeling -- removing these tattoos and legal excitement. it is not that simple. changing from being a gang member to a former gang member involves a change in identity. this is a tricky process. it is slow and steady, and there is frustration. the gang is replaced with drugs, and there are fallbacks. relapses, connections, there are struggles. this is where collaboration needs to take hold. it has now become a cliche, to say that we cannot rest on our way out of this problem. i no longer want to hear those words. this is not to give the law- enforcement a short shrift. i have had an impact on my husband's life, some of the unwanted. but he has had an impact on mind. i have done extensive work with law enforcement, with the lapd an
. >> the oakland first friday art festival starts with changes after the deadly shooting of a high school senior. businesses and organizers are discussing ways to improve safety. the event starts at 5:00 and ends at 9:00, an hour earlier. extra police and private security will be on patrol. the size of the venue has been reduced from a dozen blocks to five blocks. performances are focused around "healing." >> the fremont police department has announced plans for a gun buyback program march 16. a donation by a private citizen allows them to host the buy back for residents and will be held at the fremont fire training facility on stevenson boulevard. the money to be offered was not provided and the police department will release more information about the event next week. >> new details about the latest person charged in the murder of a millionaire. our media partner, the "san jose mercury news" reports a 33 year oat katrina fritz was a main girl among a string of prostitutes. documents show that the cell phone records show she and her brother were in contact with each other during the home invasi
that in washington tonight. do relations with america change? >> it was a surprise to hear jesse jackson praying and then he asked got to build bridges between the states and venezuela. the states are the only ones who pay cash for 3,000 barrels. the others are interchanged with china, russia and places in the caribbean. there's a hate and love relation. whenever it's going to be better then the government says that the yankees cater to chavez and they fire our assistant to chavez here. but i think his successor must be more conciliatory. i think the surprise was jesse jackson and maybe he was surprised that someone asked for better relations with the states. they were helping a lot on establishing relations. >> you mentioned the oil and, of course, america is the biggest importer of venezuelan oil. it has to have good relations with this country but it is looking for an alternative to this system of government. do you think now the opposition in venezuela could have success? >> it would be very difficult. the emotion on chavez, the sentiment and the government controls all the power. there's no
. >> it's impossible to know with any certainty the changes that would be worked on society by redefining the institution of marriage. >> suppose a state said, because we think that the focus of marriage really should be on procreation, we are not going to give marriage licenses any more to any couple where both people are over the age of 55. would that be constitutional? >> reporter: the court's conservatives were equally skeptical that gay couples have a right to marry. >> i'm curious, when did it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual couples from marriage? 1791? 1868, when the 14th amendment was adopted? >> reporter: they said though gay couples in california have all the rights of married couples, letting them be called married would be a big change. >> if you tell a child that someone has to be their friend, i suppose you can force the person to say, this is my friend, but it changes the definition of what it means to be a friend. and that's what it seems to me the supporters of proposition 8 are saying here. >> you want us to step in and render a decision based on the assess
. >> thank you, that was the answer to my question. i do appreciate these chaeks changes and i know that some of the changes brought in were so much of part of the agreement that took place as a part of proposition c of affordable housing trust fund agreement and we had inadvertently left out changes we made to buildings that are 5-9 units and the requirement inclusion was applicable to that zone but this is clean up language for that and just expressing my support for that. thank you. >> thank you colleagues, any additional discussion? >> can we do this item same house same call? without objection this ordinance is passed on the first read. why don't we go to our 2:30 accommodations. supervisor avalos? >> thank you, president chiu. i'm here to honor a very special person in district 11 and the community and pastor skylar roads. mr. roads has served as the pastor of the temple united methodist church in my neighborhood for the past 13 years and more than just taking care of a church and the congregation he's been able to provide a wonderful service. i'm honored to see your vision for my neig
become a movement, you can try to change with the government or negotiate with the government. deps on your strategy. start small, focus, build around local nonpolitical issues, which is where you learn the technology of nonviolent struggle. then you achieve a little victory. then the people start joining because the people who join the things which are successful. and if you are branded well and know how to communicate, you have a movement, and then see how the government will deal with it, because the more oppressive government is, the less space for use of the suppression. because they already are using every single way of censorship, and they're, after 30 years, i don't find them very flexible in dealing with the new ways of protesting. the more closed the system, the more oppressive regime, the less flexible. really flexible regimes are not the most -- when you look at the really flexible regimes who learned fast, like the one in venezuela or russia, they're not north koreas them real problem with north korea, once they're there, they're cemented in their own little thing. so w
poverty, it didn't provide a way to change ghettoization, it didn't reach the full goals that the participants in the civil rights movement were really aspiring to of freedom, of power. and so what you had in the starting really in '66 it became a very big call was a question, black power. how do we build black power? there were dozens of organizations in most major cities asking this question and trying to thub it. think about it. there were a lot of different kinds of approaches. one important kind of theoretical answer to this was to say we're not just going to, you know, it's not that we just want to be part of america. america as it's constituted is an imperial power, and we need to challenge that imperialism as part and parcel of the colonial struggle not only in africa, but nationally. so there were organizations in the bay area asking that question on a small scale. one organization called the rove louis their action movement, both bobby seale and huey newton participated and drew a number of ideas from there, but there were different kinds of answers, right? and
. >>> here's reaction. >> he changed the mentality of the poor people. venezuela, it's like most of the countries in latin america, you know, we are crowded, poor people, they don't have education. they don't know, you know, who can be bad or who can be worse. he could change -- of everyone. he took power of the country. he -- so i really think again, that he deserved it. >> more reaction from caracas, as nbc's mark potter, thanks for being with us. chavez coming to power t. the poor in the hills or the -- that ride over your shoulders. how are the poor versus others reacting today? >> reporter: well, the poor are reacting with sorrow and i think we're going to see a lot of that very shortly. at first the reaction here was one where people were somber. a lot of people didn't believe he had died, even though he had been sick for a couple years, and the news about his condition was worsening. when he finally died. people just couldn't believe it. in part that's because of the his largest than life personality. he was 58 years old. people have a heart time with that. the quiteude we
in venezuela and they're asking that in washington tonight. do relations with america change? >> it was a surprise to hear jesse jackson praying and then he asked got to build bridges between the states and venezuela. the states are the only ones who pay cash for 3,000 barrels. the others are interchanged with china, russia and places in the caribbean. there's a hate and love relation. whenever it's going to be better then the government says that the yankees cater to chavez and they fire our assistant to chavez here. but i think his successor must be more conciliatory. i think the surprise was jesse jackson and maybe he was surprised that someone asked for better relations with the states. they were helping a lot on establishing relations. >> you mentioned the oil and, of course, america is the biggest importer of venezuelan oil. it has to have good relations with this country but it is looking for an alternative to this system of government. do you think now the opposition in venezuela could have success? >> it would be very difficult. the emotion on chavez, the sentiment a
, it will cost you. the idea behind the new changes is it will manage increased parking and traffic demand and transit leaders say too many drivers circle this area slowing down muni buses and causing con congestion. this is how much you can expect to pay. normally it will be 25-cent ares per hour, but during games and events, rates will jump to 5 to $7 an hour, depending how far you are from the park and these rates will start at 6:00 p.m. now, before putting this plan into place, transit leaders said they touched base with residents and local business in this area. reporting live cate cauguiran kpix 5. >>> thank you, this isn't the first time san francisco has targeted parking in that same area. evening meater parking was -- meter parking was put into place three years ago after input from residents and businesses. >>> santa clara county held a buy back this weekend. $150,000 in cash was handed out in exchange for firearms on saturday. each handgun, shotgun and rifle was worth a hundred dollars. an assault weapon, 200. the goal was to get as many gu
doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not for children under 18. people taking maois, linezolid or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those for migraine and while on cymbalta, call right away if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles or serious allergic skin reactions like blisters, peeling rash, hives, or mouth sores to address possible life-threatening conditions. talk about your alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. take the next step. talk to your doctor. cymbalta can help. >>> several photos for you that caught our attention today. have a look at this one.
police lab may be ready to change her plea. a court docket indicates the case of madden will be back in court. madden's defense attorneys have been negotiating a plea bargain. her attorney says they are still working on the the details. madden may accept a guilty plea to simple cocaine possession. >>> the stolen luxury yacht that ran aground yesterday has been recovered and is now sitting at a richmond boat yard. the $2 million vessel named darling was hoisted out of the water this morning and suffered extensive damage. three people are accused of stealing the 82-foot yacht from a sausalito marina. they apparently used it as a party boat. the owner of the company that towed the yacht was amazed to hear that the thieves were caught. >> that is the first one where i've seen them have to get the perpetrators off. usually the perpetrator when it goes aground jump out and start running. >>> siting sources familiar with the brand says apple's next iphone will be called iphone 5s. the iphone is said to be similar. the blog also reports apple is set to release their next i pad as early as ne
and all of the thrashing in the world can't change that his vital functions have shutting down and he will cease to exist as a human being. greg? >> wow. that was thorough. >> it gets more involved each time. >> i would call it fan fiction, but it is more like anti-fan fiction. >> it is the opposite of slash fiction. >> do you though there is a police officer in new york arrested for writing such things. >> is that right? >> yes. >> well, that police officer is not me. >> that is true. >> i like the new set, by the way. >> it is permanent. it will be from now on, viewers at home. >> fantastic. >> go away. let's welcome our guest. she spends all of her time getting dangerous men off. i am here tonight with criminal defense attorney remi spencer. and he is so sharp he is not uh you loued near -- he is not allowed near -- he is not allowed near he mow fill yaks. in stockholm he is a syndrome, bill schulz. and i would stick my head inside of him for safety reasons he is the editor-in-chief. that's a copyright there. >> a block. the lede. and now the longest hour in television. >> must the
, he has not spoken publicly since the health scare erupted. but next month that might change. he is slated to attend a hearing that could result in the removal of his state certification. rick? day david lee miller, thanks. >> there is new information on a massive landslide in washington state. officials urging the public to stay away from the site in this cliff side neighborhood! it is easy to see why. take a look at these pictures, the before and after. the landslide damaging several properties and forcing evacuations for nearly three dozen homes. dominique is live from our los angeles bureau. dominique? >> you know this is an astonishing sight in whidbey island. the authorities even can't get over the scale of how much earth moved. >> this was a surprise of its size. it is huge. it is a tremendously large landslide we were not expecting. nobody expects these types of things. we are constantly watching to make sure the areas that are adjacent to either side or other areas that look like this, that they are not also experiencing issues. >> wisely so they are keeping the public b
! and it's going to change. >> not mentioned by the pope, but mentioned by about 6 million folks out here. highs in the 70s and 80s. walnut creek and belmont, 78, 77. even the cooler sports were still warm. hayward, 73, san francisco, 71. conspicuously cooler, half moon bay! only a high of 57. changes are coming. we're so warm, the change has to be cooler weather, and it is. the onshore flow will come back as soon as tonight. and many who did not receive fog this morning will wake up to low cloud cover and fog tomorrow. murdering their teenage daughter's pimp -- will go trial. >>> a bay area couple accused of murdering their teenaged daughter's pimp will go to trial. they say they killed calvin sneed in san francisco last summer, a week after they tried to shoot him in los angeles. the first degree murder charges they're facing could carry the death penalty. >> there's a tremendous amount. premeditation here. this is not something that occurred in the heat of passion. >> a relative and family friend are also charged in the case. they will all be tried together. >>> thieves are getting mo
cloudy skies, some patchy fog moving around the bay. we'll take a look at the forecast, minor changes as we head into the weekend. >>> parents and students react to a threatening note found in a pleasanton school. >>> an earthquake hit and who felt it. >>> what a local vatican scholar says a new pope might mean in the sex abuse scandal. >>> another carnival cruise ship in trouble, the ktvu morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this thursday morning. march 14. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. it sounds good. >> another nice forecast. we'll shave off a few degrees. but these are all some tiny changes, patchy fog this morning, a few high clouds into the bay area. temperatures this afternoon range from the low 60s at the coast, warmest locations no more 80s but still some mid to upper 70s for your thursday afternoon. more on the weekend forecast in a few minutes. sal has an update on traffic. >> good morning, mark. 237 looks good. near 680 a crash on the shoulder, you may see mark vehicles. looking
a major test in california. how it could change the way we respond to quakes in the future. >>> now to continuing coverage. election of a new pope. pope francis began his first morning as the new pontiff by demonstrating the humility he's known for. without a grand entrance, he went to rome's main basilica dedicate to the virgin mary through a side door. he also stopped by the hotel to pick up his luggage. pope francis will be installed as pope on tuesday. the 76-year-old from argentina is the first pontiff from the americas. >>> we're watching everything live this morning, the crowd at st.peters's square not as large. this is a live picture from vatican city. pope francis is posting a visit to see emeritus pope benedict outside rome. at 9:00 this morning pacific time the pope will lead mass in the sistine chapel with all the cardinals. >>> this morning many bay area catholics are echoes the sentiments of those across the globe. we are in okay lan with local reaction. >> reporter: it's still quiet in oakland, weekday mass starts at 7:10 this morning. so many in the bay area watched
being pulled. making the shooter perhaps change his plan instead of mass murder, he killed himself. shep? >> shepard: phil, any idea from authorities yet on a motive? >> not much here. the university was actually in the process of evicting him because he had yet to pay for this semester. he was a college junior majoring in business. the school has absolutely no record of ever receiving psychological counseling, no record of any student conduct issues. and he was still living in his dorm room with three roommates who, according to ucf, describe him as a loner with few friends. >> actually, the roommate was surprised. the roommate said that he exhibited some antisocial behavior previously, but they had no reason to believe they had never seen him with a weapon. they had never seen him with ammunition. they had no reason to believe that he was going to show any kinds of violence whatsoever. >> all classes at ucf do resume tomorrow and that tower, tower one, the residence hall is now totally back open. so about 500 displaced students all day can finally get back to their rooms, shep. >> shep
or another event at at&t park will now cost you more. you may want to grab some extra change. >> abc7 news goes one-on-one with actor harrison ford and why he was in >> good monday morning at 4:53. at golden gate bridge, traffic is moving fine but mike says you don't have to worry about the rain today. when do you need to start thinking about it? we will check in a moment. sue hall has the traffic coming up. >> parking meter fees are going up around at&t park in san francisco with meter hours extended until 10:00 p.m. monday through saturday around the ballpark at 25 cents an hour from 6:00 to 10:00 but on game days it increases to $7 an hour. the first event increase meter rate is the world baseball classic spring pre-season. >> it does not look so spring like. >> we were spoiled yesterday. it is time for the weather to change. right, mike nicco? >> we needed the change because we need the change. radar is quiet across the entire state. we will look at what is going to happen this afternoon. we will have temperatures in the upper 60's to low 70's through the central valley and low-to-mid
and gay marriage rather than the prophetic teaching that's i go unite us like climate change or meeting the needs of the world's poor. >> we've heard a lot of talk about cardinal o'malley from boston. he is 68 years old, credited with cleaning up scandal there's palm beach as well as boston. another organization has been reluctant to post names of offending priests on their website. but there is at least one article that refers to a dozen or so cardinals they believe should not be participating and part of the statement from the daily beast article says as cardinals arrived in rome to choose a flew pontiff, victims of sexual abuse have laid out their case against the top contenders and say even the best options are tainted by the global scandal. do you believe even the best options are tainted? or perhaps there is hope that the person who emerges, a person who come from behind that scarlet curtain there will perhaps bring the church to the next necessary point? >> well, the holy spirit works in mysterious ways and i can't say whether or not the church can fully recover from the abuse sc
traffic only, meaning there will be two bores dedicated to each direction at all time. a change from the current system of reversing direction in the second board depending on the work time. the work is important but not the only one left. >> there is still a lot of work to be done behind the scenes and it's very critical. it's actually the installation of the ventilation systems and fire systems. that is -- not only need to be installed but integrated with existing systems and operations and maintenance buildings and tested before the tunnel can open to traffic. >> the fourth floor project son track to come in on budget. $402.1 million. in oakland, heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. >> still ahead at 4:00 another live look at vatican city where the large crowds are now gone. the vatican not only used smoke but also social media to announce the new pope. >> plus, military sexual assault. victims share stories today and plead for change. >> also coming up how facebook changed a status two of good friends. >> new at 4:30 online efforts by students to get the white house to resume tours. wha
if this unending winter means climate change is happening faster and faster. >> reporter: tonight, a blizzard is hammering the northern plains. messy highways in minnesota. high winds and whiteout conditions in north dakota. winter storm watches and warnings from virginia to maine. and there's a severe weather risk tonight. tornado watches and warnings already popping up. as the plows come out, millions of people put the boots back on for what may seem like the umpteenth time. spring officially arrives wednesday and it seems people are more ready than ever. >> it's kind of strange and unusual. >> it's certainly a lot different than it used to be when i was a kid. >> march should not be this cold. >> reporter: but is it that unusual? we looked at the data. for the lower 48, most meteorological winters in the last ten years have been above average. this winter was almost two degrees above average, so not colder, but warmer. and when it comes to tornadoes, last year there were just over 900 confirmed, less than every year since 2003. but the one factor that is definitely more extreme in recent h
-- and we have cards that you could fill out and questions. this promises to be a year of reform and change like we have never seen, and we now see prisoner reentry programs being implemented. we're still spending too much money and resources and not enough on rehabilitation and reentry. this november, the voters will decide on limiting the three strikes law. issues and measures long overdue. it is clear there is much more that needs to be done. according to a study that was published this month -- since 1989, 2000 people have been wrongfully incarcerated and they served collectively, 10,000 years. an average of 11 years person. i would like to thank the people who made this summit possible. memoranda -- amy devon -- many volunteers and all of our speakers and panelists. i would like to thank the co- sponsors, and the bar association of san francisco. i would like to thank them for their help and support. it is my pleasure to introduce the president elect of the bar association of san francisco. they provide conflict attorneys to handle cases when a defender is not available. >> i am the pr
to saturday. >> there are a few things can you do to adjust to the time change. experts recommend start changing your routine a few days ahead of time. each night, go to bed and get up 15 minutes earlier. move the alarm far away so you have to get out of bet. it sounds like sleep training with babies. you want to move your schedule, do it 15 minutes at a time. >> anyone here want to get up 15 minutes earlier? >> please! >> no comment. because there is no good comment . >> now a look outside at what is going on you can see the wall of water developing over the ocean where the greatest instability is. the ocean water is warmer than land right now so when you bring that cold air over the warm ocean water you can see what it is doing with yellow developing out there that is light-to-moderate rain. it is all headed toward us. the closer you are to the coast the more likely you are to get wet. the bay bridge, they said would cut off at 2:30 but they have been keeping it on longer. it is fascinating. how do you dress when you leave the house? san jose is at 42 and mill valley, same thing. 40 a
in downtown walnut creek making changes in how they serve patrons. >> a new police substation is up and running in a part of san francisco that's known for increased violence. and a gun buyback event today in a bay area city known for gun violence. we'll have a live report. >> hello everybody. welcome to kron 4 news weekend. i'm ysabel duron >> i'm marty gonzalez we'll get to the news in a moment. but first, let's get a quick check of your forecast with janu. when good morning marty. we are taking alar to look outside the golden gate bridge. a beautiful start to the weekend, up plenty of sunshine and we're expecting sunshine this afternoon with warming temperatures. clear and cool during the overnight hours. it is chilly in the north this morning. 36 degrees in santa rosa and 38 degrees in napa. low '40's for the eastern shore. 46 degrees currently in san jose. 66 degrees today in los gatos 68 in oakland. a little chillier along the coast and the peninsula. we will season '70s and the north bay. 70 in santa rosa and napa. we will continue to feel the warming trend and look at the ex
as the solar impulse is in the works to change history. a massive wingspan covered in solar panels collects and stores energy so the plane can be flown day and even at night. >>> also in california, a widower got a disturbing surprise when he realized the woman in the casket was not his wife. the funeral home told him his wife simply looked different because of the embalming process, and it wasn't until another family came forward claiming a body switch that they recognized their mistake. >>> preparations are under way in pacific grove's seal pup season begins. signs are going up warning visitors not to disturb the elephant seals, harbor seals and sea lions. the expectant mothers ready themselves for the births of their pups expected to take place in april and may. >>> top ranked gonzaga strengthened its case with a rout of unranked st. mary's to win the west coast conference final, 65-51. this will be the 15th straight year the zags go to the big dance. >>> in women's college basketball, number one baylor got 31 points from britney griner to capture the big 12 conference championship. the
cases against goulet while in the army were dropped in change for accepting less than honorable discharge saying he could have been in jail rather than preying on women and killing two police detectives. goulet ambushed sergeant butch laker and elizabeth butler before he was killed. >> the city council of santa cruz will tackle the growing homeless problem. there is renewed focus in finding a long term solution after 100 were moved out of the tent city last friday from a park. city leaders offering sweeping proposals and a memo and will look at more affordable housing operations, increased enforcement, and encouraging faith-based groups to stop feeding the homeless and, instead, shift their efforts to finding housing. >> president obama begins making the first of three rare trips to capitol hill today to meet with rank and file lawmakers for a budget. he will speak with senate democrats and house of representatives republicans tomorrow. on thursday, president obama will be back again for meeting with house of representatives democrats and senate republicans house g.o.p. budget c
with some other situations, maybe made him change his mind at that point and he took his own life. >> reporter: police say sebucamaron pulled the fire alarm and believe he did so to get other students out of their rooms. the report shows the tactical rifle came from an l.a. gun shop. after the bomb squad cleared the scene, students were allowed back in the dorm and counselors are now being provided. now, police have not offered a motive for the attack plan. school officials say the student who shot himself was not registered for the current term and that they were involved in the process of moving him out of the dorm when this incident occurred. brian? >> as we say, it appears we came very close. mark potter starting us out from miami tonight. mark, thanks. >>> weather is making news across parts of our country tonight. here we are 48 hours before the arrival of spring, officially. people have had it with winter. you can't blame them. however, more of it is on the move tonight. weather channel meteorologist eric fisher with us now at the big map. eric, good evening. >> good evenin
an insurgent means to transform poverty. it didn't provide a way to change ghettoization and it didn't reach the full goal to the participants in the civil rights movement of freedom and power. what you have is really an in 66 it became a big cause. but power, how do we build black power? there were organizations in most major cities asking this question and try to think about it. there were a lot of different kinds of approaches. one important kind of answer to this was to say we are not just going to come its not that we just want to be part of america. america is an imperial power and we need to really challenge that imperialism and part them parcel the anticolonial struggles not only in africa but internationally. so there are or organizations in the bay area asking that question on a small scale. one organization is called armchair revolutions of the revolutionary -- and both bobby seale and huey p. newton participated. but there are four different kinds of answers. nothing had really emerged to tap that power of disruption. and what huey p. newton and bobby seale did that really starte
so many things outside the church that needed change and support and you made it your vision to make sure that temple united methodist church could look beyond it's walls to support a whole community that was really changing. i think that's really a lovely, a real significance, that contribution. i know in the past couple years you have been able to establish an immigrant law center providing legal advice and legal support for immigrants facing possible deportation and i think that is a huge significant contribution that you have made to the community. when i come to your church, your community events, it's a place where clearly everyone is welcome, all are welcome, in fact that is one of your philosophy that you have about your church it's. economically, racially, and the languages as well. i believe that's all what you have been able to create over the years in your commitment to temple united methodist church. district 11 has the unfortunate distinction of not supporting same sex marriage. we didn't have a good turnout against prop 8 in district 11 in 2008, yet i know your church
equally obvious about their hesitation to make sweeping changes. justice, sonya coat sotomoyer had this. >> we let racial segregation for 50 years. from 1988 to 1954. >> justice samuel said the issue of same-sex marriage is newer than cell phones and the internet. >> i think it was first adopted in the netherlands in 2000. so there isn't a lot of data about its effect. >> one of the issues was the children of same-sex couples and how ruling would effect them. conservative issues. >> if you redefine marriage to include same-sex couples, you must permit adoptions by same- sex couples and there is disagreement among sociologists as to what the consequences of raising a child in a single sex family. whether that is harmful to the child or not. >> but potential swing vote, anthony kennedy, said the almost 40,000 children of same- sex parents in california had their voices heard. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the supreme court. >> california's roller coaster league battle over same-sex marriage began nine years ago. valentine's weekend, 2004. that's when then, san francisco mayor, gav
test in california. how it could change the way we respond to quakes in the future. >>> now to continuing coverage. election of a new pope. pope francis began his first morning as the new pontiff by demonstrating the humility he's known for. without a grand entrance, he went to rome's main basilica dedicate to the virgin mary through a side door. he also stopped by the hotel to pick up his luggage. pope francis will be installed as pope on tuesday. the 76-year-old from argentina is the first pontiff from the americas. >>> we're watching everything live this morning, the crowd at st.peters's square not as large. this is a live picture from vatican city. pope francis is posting a visit to see emeritus pope benedict outside rome. at 9:00 this morning pacific time the pope will lead mass in the sistine chapel with all the cardinals. >>> this morning many bay area catholics are echoes the sentiments of those across the globe. we are in okay lan with local reaction. >> reporter: it's still quiet in oakland, weekday mass starts at 7:10 this mor
soil conditions change. >> that was a pretty crazy day. >> a lot of people were affected by that. >> you're asleep and suddenly you wake up and everything gets flooded and you wonder what is going on. >>> great weekend. >> , it was a fantastic weekend. today a little bit cooler. we have more clouds moving in. drizzle out toward the coastline. as we head through the day, trying to clear things out through most spots. cloudy skies, temperatures not too bad and that's because of the cloud cover, mainly in the 40s outside. we have 50 degrees in san jose, 48 in san francisco, and 48 in oakland. high pressure holding on for one last day but rather weak ridge. this is going to move out and that's going to let the cold front slide on by. not until tomorrow tomorrow afternoon we start to talk about rain. temperatures on average low to mid-60s. today will be below the average in san francisco. only about 55 degrees. there 62 and sunshine isn't the san jose and 62 trees in livermore. more on the -- 62 degrees in lever mother. and we'll check -- liver
passed a major test. how it could change the way we respond to quakes in the future, coming up at 6:18. >>> police are investigating gunfire in east oakland at seminary and bromley avenues. police released little information about the incident but say no one was hit. streets were closed and a helicopter was overhead during the investigation. >>> time is now 6:05. pope francis began his first morning as a new pontiff, demonstrating the humility he's known for. without a grand entrance he went to rome's main basilica dedicated to the virgin mary through a side door and stopped by the hotel to pick up his luggage. he will be installed on tuesday. as we look live at st.peters's square, a beautiful picture. st.peters's square is not -- the crowd is not as large as the one that gathered last night. pope francis has postponed the visit today to see emeritus pope benedict at the papal retreat outside of rome. at 9:00 this morning pacific time he will lead mass in the sistine chapel with all the cardinals. >>> the vatican calls pope francis a reformer an
of his offices, and residen resident-- residences have, they make his bed, they change his sheets, they set out his table settings. they're waiting for him to reappear any day. his notebook, his cigarettes, everything is there waiting. >> rose: cardinal dolan, the story of whitey bulger tina packer and lawrence wright when we continue. >> funding for charlie rose was provided by the following: captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. . >> rose: cardinal timothy dolan the archbishop in new york was in rome for the recent conclave that selected a new pope. i talked with him soon after the vote and dinner with the pope, among the 115 cardinals who selected him, and we talked about the selection of this new pope. >> what does this choice represent for the church, and why do you believe without telling us anything that went on inside, why dow believe he was chosen? >> well, let's look at it from two ways, charlie. first of all you asked me what does this represent, or what does this mean. let me try to answer that one in two w
their future tea production in light of climate change and getting more involved with fair trade and things like that. there are retailers out thrrks costco is an interest example of a company that does seem to treat their employees significantly better than their competition and they see that as a competitive advantage which kroger in the midwest as well. i think there are good exms. it comes back to training. we've been giving people ideology for 30 years, business leaders went through business school thinking their job was to mechanics mies profits. and we have to retrain. >> a book i'm working on now is about global corporations partnering with ngo's to address vital issues, one on climate energy, healthcare, etc. and i'm researching many companies and ngo's. it's been an amazing journey tsmlor lax was so much foun do this and reading the book which i haven't read for a very long time was really a kick. and one of the things that i'm learning to your question, that is really neat heads of ngo's that run campaigns against companies. and many of you might know this but how they do this. t
voters passed measure d, increasing the minimum wage only in san jose, the plans changed. >> when the numbers went to $10 an hour, it made it difficult to bring everybody to 9 an hour. >> reporter: so the 180 workers who don't work in san jose ended up with a 50 cents raise, while their san jose counterparts ended with a $2 jump. >> i let them know the news of what we were going to do, and also let them know it was my goal to get them up to a $10 wage over a certain period of time. >> reporter: the jump in wage costs $1.3 million, which it hopes to make in revenue, in part by increasing prices at the retail store. michael fox, the ceo and president of good will in silicon valley says they will have to make it work since they are not willing to cut any community support services. fox says it is also important to keep the employees they have. >> feel blessed to have this opportunity to be here. >> reporter: some are on probation or parole, working to improve their lives so that they can potentially give back. >> since i have been here, i really looked forward to the future. >> repor
free at the store. it's changed from there. you changed the equation. free from the store was the original idea. >> most loyalty programs break down into one of two different forms. buy 10, get one free. or earn a point for every dollar spent and redeem that. >> i can measure that. >> the buy ten get one free programs, which have been around for eons are fundamentally flawed because they give them free things when they were unlikely to pay for them anyway. stores that experimented or used those programs are looking for ways to get more engaged, involved, social. gamification is the method that's become popular. >> instead of getting an actual free thing, i'm getting a badge. >> virtual items can be really meaningful to people when they are significant. recognition is what so many people are after. in gamification revolution, we looked at all these companies big and small that used gamification to transform their business. it ends up being about three ideas, status, access, power. the more you give somebody, the more loyal they are. >> some companies doing that, gamifying t
of california to discuss his career in hollywood, marriage equality, climate change, immigration reform, gun rights, and violent movies,, as well as why he chose not to run for governor against arnold schwarzenegger in 2006. this is an hour and 10 minutes. >> good afternoon and welcome to today's meeting of the commonwealth club of california. the place where you are in the know. you can find us on the internet at im a news anchor for abc 77 television in san francisco and a member of the commonwealth club board of directors and your moderator for today's program. it is now my letter to introduce our distinguished speaker today, rob reiner. [applause] >> thank you. >> from his starring role as meathead on the popular 1970 -- >> you are the first person to call me that today. [laughter] >> it is still early. >> true. >> on that wonderful program "on the family" to his blockbuster films. when you look at at his list of films, it is remarkable. "the princess bride," "when harry met sally," "a few good men." as a director, he has worked with a-list actors, jack nicholson, t
that began 30 years ago, this could be a change in the fight against hiv and aids. doctors say a baby in mississippi born with hiv has been cured. the baby received aggressive treatment just 30 hours after birth. the child would be the second in the world considered cured. director of national ins turt of al allergy and diseases good morning. >> good morning. >> is this a cure? if so, what are the implications? >> it's very likely a cure. the implications need to be determined because you're talking about a single case and it's really more of a hypothesis developing or driving situation, where we need to see if this is going to be applicable. it looks like under the unusual circumstances that this is indeed a cure because the pediatricians aggressively treated the baby essentially immediately after birth, which is the time of infection as opposed to waiting to see if the baby was indeed affected. it was an aggressive approach that proved to be correct. whether or not this is going to be broadly applicable to children really remains to be determined. it is an import
avenue. >>> it is changing and we have showers up in petaluma and out to the west and there is a little bit of activity north of hayward and the coverage on the south is out in the gilroy area. especially tomorrow we have a few thunderstorms and the weekend things will clear up and we will have updates on mornings on 2. >>> also coming up, we continue to follow that s.w.a.t. team standoff in san francisco and things are changing by the minute. >>> two separate arson incidents at two separate hospitals, stay right here with us. >> reporter: heavy rain and strong winds moving across the bay area overnight. mum, we'll break down rain timing for today and when thunderstorms could be added to the forecast. >>> an intense standoff unfolding at a san francisco pot club this morning. we'll tell you why the s.w.a.t. team was called to this building and we'll tell you about the wanted man we're told is inside. >> reporter: a two-hour police standoff in a quiet neighborhood in san mateo. we will tell you what happened inside the hospital, what workers there are telling us this morning. >>> also --
st century so far, i itemized some of the incredible impressive changes just in the last 12 years, 12 or 13 years that have moved our society continuing in the direction of more social justice and more democracy. as you wil all know, martin lutr king had this great phrase, at the arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice. but what he did notice that somebody has to bend it. somebody has to take responsibility for moving the arc towards justice. the people that are wrote about in my book are the people who were the vendors of society. let me tell you about a few of them. then draw some lessons and give your quiz. i was in milwaukee about three or four months ago giving a talk at the university of wisconsin in milwaukee, and one of the great heroes in my book is a guy named victor berger. victor berger was the first socialist congressman, elected from milwaukee in 1911. and while he was in milwaukee he organized the labor movement and the socialist party take over the city government. they instituted some incredible changes which other cities replicated all over the country.
the world more should be -- climate change, immigration, and terrorism. this is just under two hours. [applause] thank you so much, kathy. it's a particular pressure, as you might imagine, to have the hospitality of a distinguished center at the graduate center, the center on philanthropy andsivity society, and to also have it with a friendship of a terrific scholar who has been a friend for many years. i owe kathy a special debt in her generous invitation to me to be a senior scholar at the center and bring my small organization with me. thankthank you very much, kathy. it's because of her that i am here today, and here this fall and winter and at the city university. i sworn after i left maryland, having left rutgers i would not go back to the university again, but i'm very glad i broke that promise to myself and that i'm here. it's also a pleasure to be once again on the podium with francis fox piven. we met in the '70s when we were both regarded, even i was regarded as a radical scholar. some might not think it anyone. we were asked by james mcgregory to be the co-chair of the by
counsel, but we understand that could change as santa ana winds are expected to kick up in southern california with a wind advisory in effect until this afternoon. you can see flames are burning. when the pilot pulls out you will be able to see the fire trucks. 2,000 people are without power in southern california and the fire destroyed seven power poles. the fire has burned 150 acres since yesterday at 4:45. it is now 30 percent contained. the fire may have been sparked by downed power lines. >> thank you, katie. santa cruz police officers are going back on duty this morning for the first time since two colleagues in the department were killed by a man they investigated. cornell bernard is live in the santa cruz police station with the latest. cornell? >> the officers will be back on the job later this morning after several days of mourning the loss of their fellow officers. a memorial has grown by leaps and bounds with flowers and notes in honor of connective sergeant bump baker and elizabeth butler murdered on tuesday by jeremy goulet. we are learning chilling details about his p
, would cause massive suffering in america, the president has now changed his tune. >> this is not going to be an apocalypse as some people have said. it's just dumb. it's going to hurt. it's going to hurt individual people and it's going to hurt the economy overall. >> bill: well, that may or may not be true because the apocalypse line is interesting. no question that the president's acolytes were pounding the disaster drum. >> we don't need to be having something like sequestration that's going to cause these job losses, over 170 million jobs that could be lost. >> 150,000 correct the number of job loss. >> 750. >> at least. >> that's insane. >> it's not even close to being true. watters and pelosi were misleading everybody. they don't know what they are talking about. in fact, a short time later watters' spokesperson said that the number is 170,000 jobs lost down from 170 million. that's just bull as well. nobody knows how the spending cuts are going to play out. what we do know is that president obama and his party tried to scare the american people into pressuring the republicans to
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